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Sober Up

Take the 5 step program.

  • 1. Admit...

    that you are NOT powerless over Gmail.

  • 2. Believe...

    that you can (and will) get to inbox zero, without living in Gmail.

  • 3. Revolutionize…

    the way you process email with Boomerang for Gmail, which allows you to control when you send and receive messages.

    Get it now, it's crucial for the next step:

    Get it now
  • 4. Conquer…

    your inbox, one message at a time.

    Delete it. - Get rid of it.
    (Reply +) Archive it. - Take care of it now.
    Boomerang it. - Take care of it later.

  • 5. Share...

    the 5 step program with fellow Gmailaholics everywhere.